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HRnetworx with Knut Kircher from 08. November 2017

The second HR networx event, the expert meeting for HR managers and HR developers attracted almost 60 interested participants to the BANTLEON FORUM. The sensitive approach to making decisions is of the utmost importance to human resources, as not every decision triggers pleasure among those affected. Kircher puts the focus on people. "Important decisions require appropriate preparation, depending on the circumstances in which the situation allows it. It can be helpful to make decisions quickly and not push them. But beware, it's often just a small degree, between being prepared and being biased. The latter usually turns out to be a stumbling block. "The next HR networx event in the Bantleon Forum will take place on 01.03.2018. Futurologist Kai Gondlach gives a lecture on "Living and working in the future".

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